Which Animal?

Which Australian Animal is Your Child?

Animal Ages

At GymbaROO, our classes are named after Australian animals, and their name matches the locomotion skills of each age group.

Which animal is your child?


Platypus  go to BabyROO

These are our non-mobile babies from 6 weeks of age until they are commando crawling.


Wombats  go to BabyROO

Wombats are our mobile babies. At the beginning of term, babies are at least 8 months of age. They may be moving backwards, or forwards on their tummies, or up on their hands and knees. This class is suitable until baby begins to walk independently. Most babies crawl and cruise around furniture at the same time for several months, so cruising babies should still be enrolled in a Wombats class.


Little Penguins go to Toddlers

These children are in the transition phase from crawling to being a confident walker. They need to be at least 11 months old at the beginning of term, cruising around furniture confidently and standing independently. As term progresses, so does the class as they transition from crawling to walking. This class is best suited to toddlers from 11-14 months at the beginning of term.


Penguins  go to Toddlers

Penguins are between 12 and 17 months of age and are walking independently. They are called Penguins because they usually walk with their legs wide apart and look a little bit like they are waddling.


Koalas  go to Toddlers

Koalas are between 18 and 23 months of age. These children like to cling to and cuddle their mum or dad, just like baby koalas. Koalas are usually great at climbing the ladders at GymbaROO.


Wallabies  go to Toddlers

Wallabies are between 23 and 29 months of age and are just beginning to jump. They love spending time on our trampoline. They are now eager to independently copy the teacher’s actions when exercising and dancing in class


Kangaroos  go to Toddlers

Kangaroos are 30-35 months old. They are now confident jumpers and can jump over and off obstacles with confidence. They are beginning to lateralize.


Possums  go to Preschoolers

Possums are between 3 and 4 years of age. Lots of important neurological and developmental changes are taking place and due to their increased concentration and co-ordination, their class is one hour long so we can include lots of challenging activities. They are called possums because they enjoy hanging upside-down.


Emus  go to Preschoolers

This class is also known as the School Readiness Class as it concentrates on teaching children all the necessary skills to begin school as confident and capable learners. This is a full year program and each term concentrates on specific skills.