The Gymbaroo Experience

The GymbaROO Experience

´ Every song sung, every game played and every activity at GymbaROO is specifically designed to maximise my child’s future educational capability ´

GymbaROO offers fun educational programs that have been researched for over 30 years. These programs enhance the development of motor skills in children and also informs parents of the latest in child development to health, learning and behaviour.

Our GymbaROO programs are led by trained teachers, use specialised bespoke equipment, and offer activities to stimulate your child’s physical, psychological and social development.

Best of all, GymbaROO is lots of fun! Children love it and parents love it! Grandparents love it too! There is nothing quite as rewarding as being actively involved in a child’s development – watch them brighten with excitement, participate with enthusiasm and help them experience the joy of learning. Children can dance, sing, climb, swing, tumble and spin their way to a healthy brain and body in readiness for later learning.

Some features of GymbaROO

• Age appropriate sessions, from 6 weeks to 5 years
• Research based programs involving both the children and their carers in a safe and fun environment
• GymbaROO trained and professionally qualified instructors
• Specialised equipment, exercise, music, dance, massage
• Weekly 45-60 minutes sessions, parent handouts and home activities.

Why GymbaROO?

GymbaROO will assist your child to reach their full potential.

Organic, natural development is a thing of the past. “Natural development” no longer occurs in today’s modern society. Children’s key opportunity to move are now limited due to:
• Less open space to explore and move around in
• Safety/Litigation concerns
• Parks with equipment that does not spin, sway or rock
• Lack of tummy time with infants
• Children spending additional time in car seats, capsules, prams, and many baby toys that don’t allow the child to move freely
• Increased screen time – mobile phones, computers, tablets, playstations, etc
• Changes in food – more adulterated with additives and more processed
All of these hamper the development of our children.

Just ask around, GymbaROO is highly recommended by many health professionals including Paediatricians, Maternal Health Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, Paediatric Osteopaths and Paediatric Chiropractors.

GymbaROO is a 5 year program

The GymbaROO program is designed to assist brain development from birth through to reading and writing. It is sequential, from 6 weeks of age, right through to starting school. Occasionally parents say: ‘we have done GymbaROO’; and they have not understood that they have only completed a tiny part of the program. They have only stimulated the part of the brain that was age appropriate at the time. It is like building a house from the foundations, and if any part of the house has gaps, there can be problems.

Developmental Foundations:

Level 1: Platypus 
Non-mobile babies from 6 weeks to approximately 7 months

  • Sensory play
  • Learning to Roll
  • head control.

Level 2: Wombats

approximately 8 to 12 months

  • rolling
  • Commando crawling
  • crawling on hands and knees

Level 3:Penguins                                                                                                            12 to 18 months

  • Walking,
  • cruising
  • body awareness,
  • bilateral movement –

Level 4: Koalas                                                                                                                 18 months to 2 years

  • Jumping,
  • language,
  • balance and increased independence

Level 5: Wallabies                                                                                                          2–2½ years of age

  • Integration of 2 brain hemispheres

Level 6: Kangaroos  2½ to 3 years

  • Completion of integration of 2 brain hemispheres
  • left/right awareness
  • learning to cross central mid-line

Level 7: Possums
3-4 years

  • Specialisation of each side of the brain
  • laterality, dominant hand
  • hopping, working with independence
  • thinking and moving at the same time

Level 8: Emus – School Readiness Program
4 to 5 years old

  • skipping
  • sequential instructions,
  • cross-patterning,
  • full laterality of all 3 mid lines

By focusing on your child at our GymbaROO classes, you will build and strengthen the bond with your child, helping them grow and cope with the stress of modern life. You spend quality time together in our classes, assisting your child, learning massage, dances, exercises and home activities that you can then share together. It is a very precious time that you will always treasure.