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All  GymbaROO teachers have qualifications in either medical, educational, or health fields.

Your teaching team at GymbaROO Ryde care deeply about you and your child and their development. Our teachers work with you to help ensure your child is given every opportunity to build crucial foundations for learning and  help your child achieve their best potential.




Gymabroo Staff

I have been a part of Gymbaroo for 16 years and in that time I have worked as both teacher and assistant at a number of different centers around Sydney. I am very excited to now have the chance to own and operate a Gymbaroo! Its great to share with everyone just how fun and varied learning can be. I have studied both Educational and natural therapies, including Brain Gym, Holistic Kinesiology, and Rhythmic Movement Therapy. As my children are now grown, I love being a part of the playful experience with all the children who come to join us and look forwards to sharing it with as many families as possible.


Gymbaroo Staff Member

Emily has been involved with Gymbaroo for over 4 years.

Miss Emily is currently on Maternity leave.

She started her career at Gymbaroo as our assistant on Saturdays. Her bright nature is very happy and she enjoys being part of the fun and learning with all the parents and children. She is also a very valuable staff member who is also assisting with the many administrative duties in the day to day running of the Gymbaroo business. Emily is studying education and also works as a nanny.


Congratulations to you and your team for ten years running gymbaroo central! I believe GymbaROO is very beneficial, not only for the children but for parents too! It gives us activities to practice at home that we would not normally think to do with our little ones. I think Mia would not be as advanced as she is if it wasn’t for gymbaroo. At 20 months old she is able to jump, kick a ball, catch a ball with two hands and her language skills are amazing, we can almost have a conversation. Every day she learns new things I would think impossible for a toddler! Thank you very much for being a part of her every success! Mary, Ryde GymbaROO

My son Jordon loves coming to GymbaROO as he is able to express himself through gross motor skills whilst dancing and moving to the music. He especially loves the parachute, when all its colours flit in and out of Jordon’s line of sight. GymbaROO is fun for me too as I can catch up with the mums… Our GymbaROO session is the highlight of our week!! – Amanda, Carlingford GymbaROO

Aidan & Imi & I were shaking a blanket out on the lawn yesterday to get the dust out of it, and Aidan’s face lit up as he said ‘This is just like the parachute at Gymbaroo!! I want to go underneath!!!’ Of course Imi gleefully joined in. I wish you could have been there to see their faces ? This reminded me that I haven’t written as yet to thank you for so many wonderful years at Gymbaroo. For a twelve year old, who is entering the grunting phase, to remember with such joy his time at Gymbaroo, the memories must be strong and happy.

Right from the beginning of our Gymbaroo journey with you I appreciated your easy laugh and the obvious enjoyment you had in teaching. Your instructions were sensible, the activities for the children were fun, the classes ran very smoothly and your experience was obvious! The classes helped me understand my children better, and I was so glad to know that expert eyes were monitoring my children’s progress almost as closely as I was. I knew that if there were any issues with their milestones that it would be brought to my attention with sensitivity and relevant suggestions for managing the issue, whatever it might be. I also appreciated your flexible approach to classes, your relaxed nature and your willingness and efforts to include everyone despite possible language barriers, or uncooperative children, or tired mothers! It was never a chore to attend your classes. Your knowledge about child development was also very helpful, and I was so glad to have a trusted source of information and, more importantly, wisdom! On that front you might get a few more emails from me during the teenage years ?

So thank you Lyn, for many years of fun at Gymbaroo & congratulations on reaching your 10 year anniversary too! Kind Regards, Sheyne, Aidan, Imogen & Elin.

Your Gymbaroo classes have been truly wonderful experience and an integral routine in our children’s lives and they will miss you and all the fun they had so far. Thank you so much. Regards, Christina, Yumin and Yushin

Thank you so much for the last 2 years, my daughter Chloe had a great time and learnt a lot! She still ask to go all the time. Shana has been wonderful! The kids are going to miss her. Keep up the good work! Regards, May

Words cannot express our appreciation for all that you and GymbaROO have done for Ava and our family. We hope that as you place this star on your Christmas Tree each year and you will remember the difference that you have made. You are a super star to our family. Thank you for being my wonderful GymbaROO teacher! It was the highlight of my week. Love Lara.

Thank you so much for all your guidance and support. Both of us have thoroughly enjoyed our time at GymbaROO and have many memories to cherish. We will miss you but know that many more children will be blessed with your amazing talent as a teacher!



Jasmine is our powerhouse who is on the move and getting it done! Our youngest team member who assists on Saturdays, has two years experience working with children in Primary School settings with gym and ball skills programs. Kids love her, we love her. Jasmine is also studying a Bachelor of Nursing at UTS.


Gymbaroo Staff Member

Shirley works at our Ryde centre as an Assistant. She has the amazing skill of keeping things incredibly tidy and organized! Shirley is super friendly and happy to help you in any way. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it!

Shirley is mum to three gorgeous and active kids. Shirley has studied in early childhood and loves that our GymbaROO program supports all that she learned.


Maaike! Our incredibly organized  assistant who has as much energy as the GymbaROO kids! Always ready to help you with anything you need. Maaike skates around the centre and is always available to help in any way.

Maaike is a mum to two very busy  gorgeous children.